Get Students, Faculty and Visitors Back to School Efficiently

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The Features You Need to Open Your School with Confidence

Students, faculty and staff, and visitors screen themselves from their home on our mobile web-based tool

Based on their responses, they are cleared to report to school or instructed to stay home

Questions and responses are customizable to meet the needs of your School

At-A-Glance Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard to track screening and admission results

Personalized with your School logo

The Health Screener for Schools
The Health Screening Process


Parents/Faculty and Staff/Visitors are instructed to establish an account on a unique website for your school.

Then, each day, they log on to answer the required questions (parents/guardians may respond for their child):

1. If they have been in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with or had symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days
2. If they tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days
3. If they have experienced Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days
4. If they have traveled internationally or from a state with widespread community transmission of Covid-19 within the past 14 days (NY, CT, or NJ only)

Then respondents are asked if their temperature was above 100° F.

Immediate Answers & Clear Next Steps

  • The actions a respondent is told to take as a result of their answers are customizable during setup. We provide a template.
  • In the case of positive answers regarding symptoms, respondents can be ruled out immediately, or have their symptoms (along with explanations of why they have them) available for review by school officials to make a determination on clearance.
  • The respondent receives 1 of 3 messages based on their screening answers:

• Cleared to come to school


• Not cleared to come to school (see sample responses, below)


• Their clearance is under review

Some Responses Include

The Health Screener for Schools

Speed Entrance Screening to Reduce Congestion and Get School Started

Tablet 1

Entrance Screener Process

Look up an individual on a tablet or PC to see if home screening was completed and they were cleared to report

Do a quick symptom check

Click Admit

For students, if home screening was not completed, can pull up questions and go through them with a student or they can complete it on their phone

  • If an adult, they can be emailed a link to the screening app, so they can complete on-line

All Information is Available to Review

Health Screener in-home test results

Admission statistics

Viewable by date

All data is exportable in Excel format

On the Symptom Review Screen an administrator can:

• Determine whether a participant is clear or ineligible to report

• Trigger an email with this information

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Feel Free to View a Recording of Our Health Screener Webinar

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