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Features Include:

  • Remote screening capability - Employees and visitors screen themselves before coming to the workplace.
  • Decision tree-based clearances - Based on responses, individuals are cleared to report to work or instructed to stay home.
  • Compliant with mandatory NYS & NJ Business Reopening protocols and recommended CDC guidance.
  • Worksite dashboard to check-in employees and visitors for contact tracing purposes.
  • Symptom checker - If desired, employees who answer they have symptoms can be reviewed remotely before a decision is made.
  • Total customization - Screening questions and responses can be adjusted to your protocols.
  • Extensive data capture and reporting-Comprehensive dashboards show screening and admission results, exportable into excel.
  • White label personalization - System will include your company logo—screening tool can be accessed from your website if desired.
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How it Works:

• Employees and visitors establish an account through a unique website created for your company.

• They then add the health screener log-in icon to their mobile phone.

• Each day, before leaving for the workplace, they log on to answer health screening questions:

Have they been in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with or had symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days?
Have they tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days?
Have they have experienced Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days?
Have they have traveled internationally or from a state with widespread community transmission of Covid-19 within the past 14 days and if so, depending upon their state have they received a negative Covid-19 test result or quarantined for 14 days?
And, optionally, whether their temperature was above 100.4° F.

• If desired, daily email reminders with a questions link can be sent to employees.

• Based on their responses, individuals receive an email with a green check mark (cleared to report); a red X (do not report) or a yellow exclamation point (symptoms under review, wait for instructions).

• Arriving at the worksite, the entrance screener checks to be sure clearance was granted, does a visual symptom check, and clicks admit on the app, providing a permanent record of attendance.

• For employees or visitors who failed to answer the questions at home, entrance screener can pull up questions and go through them or send a link for them to complete on their phone.

• Upon check-in, individual receives a second email clearing them for the full day, to show if they leave and come back during the day.

To Learn More or Schedule a One-to-One demo, please contact:

Near Immediate Set-up and Deployment:

• We provide a template of possible responses to each screening question. You approve or edit to meet your needs.

• We provide a sample letter to send to employees to instruct them how to set up their accounts.

• We train your administrator on how to review results, respond to symptoms questions (if that option is selected) and how to run reports.

Template Responses Include

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Speed Entrance Screening to Reduce Congestion Into Your Workplace

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Entrance Screener Process

• Look up an individual on a tablet or PC to see if home screening was completed and they were cleared to report

• Do a quick symptom check

• Click admit

• For employees or visitors, if home screening was not completed, can pull up questions and go through them with him or her or they can complete it on their phone

• They can also be emailed a link to the screening app, so they can complete on-line

All Information is Available to Review

• Health Screener in-home test results

• Admission Statistics

• Viewable by date

• All data is exportable in Excel format

• On the Symptom Review Screen an administrator can:

• Determine whether a participant is clear or ineligible to report

• Trigger an email with this information

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Feel Free to View a Recording of Our Health Screener Webinar

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